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Individual Counseling

Ms. Kessler and Mr. Clark provide individual counseling for a variety of emotional concerns including anxiety, depression, unresolved grief and anger management.

They are trained in Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) which teaches people to challenge their dysfunctional thoughts that contribute to their depression and/or anxiety. Other psychological issues for which people seek individual therapy may be treated by other methods.

Family counseling

Many families will benefit from meeting together to work out a variety of family problems.

Couples/Marriage Counseling

We offer pre-marital counseling sessions, and sessions for problems that arise during a relationship for heterosexual, gay, and lesbian couples.

Divorce Counseling

Although every effort is made to help families and couples stay together, when separation or divorce is inevitable, we offer services to help children and families.

When a decision has been made to separate, but the children have not yet been informed, it is helpful to work with a counselor to discuss how and when to tell the children. Parents often want to know how much to disclose to a child about the reasons for the separation. Parents sometimes will use our office instead of going through a protracted custody evaluation to develop the best parenting plan for their children. (A parenting plan details physical and legal custody, outlines the particular times the child is with each parent, develops a holiday and vacation schedule and addresses any other issues that need to be worked out.)

Counseling for Blended Families

Blended families (step families) are sometimes complicated and difficult for all family members to understand. Counseling can be pro-active and may enable family members to head off problems before they occur.

Counseling for victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse

Ms. Kessler was on the board of "A Woman's Place" for many years and has treated victims of domestic violence since 1982.

"It's never too late to be what you might have been."
- George Eliot

Forensic Psychology Services

Forensic psychology services are services which are at the intersection of the judicial system and psychology. Some services must be Court Ordered (e.g. Custody Evaluations). Other services may be sought independently by parents who are trying to improve their post-separation or post-divorce relationship for the benefit of their children. We offer the following services:

Custody Evaluations: These must be ordered by a Judge. Clients may use our services because their attorneys have agreed that either Ms. Kessler and Mr. Clark will be the custody evaluator. Or, the Court may assign the case to our office. A custody evaluation involves a very thorough examination of the children, parents, and other parties relevant to the dispute. Recommendations are made to the Court at the end of the evaluation. Ms. Kessler has been performing custody evaluations since 1979. Mr. Clark began performing them in 1985 .He is now the director of the Court Conciliation and Evaluation Service which performs over 300 custody evaluations per year for the Bucks county court of Common Pleas. In addition, Mr. Clark performs private custody evaluations.

Drug and Alcohol Evaluations: These are sometimes ordered by a Judge or requested by an attorney or ordered as part of a Custody Evaluation. Individuals who have been arrested as a result of their involvement in a situation in which substance abuse is alleged to have been a factor may require a substance abuse evaluation. The evaluation includes testing and interviews with not only the party
being evaluated, but with significant other parties who may have relevant information for the evaluator.

Reunification Counseling: This type of counseling is usually ordered by the Court in cases in which one of the parents is estranged from or has not seen a child or children for a significant period of time. In this type of situation, the counselor will meet with the parents separately and together and will gradually reintroduce the child and the parent in a way that is the least stressful for the child.

Co-parenting Counseling: Co-parenting counseling is an intervention designed to improve communication and decision making between divorced/separated parents. It is sometimes ordered by a Judge at the end of a custody hearing after a determination about custody has been made.

Batterers Intervention Program: We provide group and individual counseling services for individuals referred by Bucks County Adult Probation who have been involved in domestic violence situations with their partners or family members. We also offer counseling services to individuals who are not required to attend a program. These services are designed to help perpetrators of domestic violence to learn effective ways to manage and control anger, to change their attitudes and beliefs about women, and to take responsibility for their behavior.

Career Counseling

Whether you are choosing a career for the first time (for students or adults) or changing careers, we provide career counseling services including aptitude and interest testing, personality testing, and interview preparation.